Saturday at Green Festival NYC

greeted by an awesome rainbow upon exiting the convention
Day one at the Green Festival was great! But just like any day at a convention, I am pooped. With so much to see and so many exhibitors to talk to, I didn't much exercise my right to sit the heck down and relax!

You know what else I didn't do?  Bring the business cards I took all that time making. Doh!

Either way, it was an amazing day, and I am excited to see so many people out there thinking about the environment and improving the quality of life of others with their creative and conscious products. 

From detergent-less laundry balls, electric "uni-cycle" type segways, books, toiletries and clothing, the place was chock-full of green living innovations.

One of the most important things we need to live, let alone live green, is food. Everybody eats. And at this event, I have never seen so many eco-friendly and health conscious products in one place. Not to mention, free samples and snacks galore. If you are coming to Green Festival tomorrow, come hungry! You will nosh on dairy free ice creams, vegan cookies, non-GMO chips and pop-corns, dairy-free cheese, pizzas, gluten-free noodles and a variety of other snacks that are either (or all) organic, fair trade, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, nut-free or local!

I told myself when I came home that I would upload some pictures and video from today's event, but my body shut down the minute I took a seat. I see I have a busy week of editing ahead, and I can't wait to share some highlights and interesting happenings from Green Festival with you. For now, I pass out.


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