Green Festival Keeps On Giving

This passed weekend I went to Green Festival in NYC.  went there with my video camera and microphone to get some interviews, and shoot some footage for a YouTube channel I'd like to connect to my blog. Unfortunately, my computer isn't handling Final Cut Pro very well, and it will take longer than expected. I hope I don't have the great exhibitors I met waiting too long!

Otherwise, I spent this week organizing all of the reading materials, coupons, business cards and free samples. There sure was a lot to take in at the festival!

I only wish that I had more money to bring home a lot more than free samples. Although, not for nothing, those free samples came in very handy this week.

For instance, the Lifeway booth had given me two blueberry kefir samples which I took home. Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir grain as a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter. Essentially, it is a yogurt drink. I never had kefir before, so it would be something new to me. By the way, this one is also 99.9% lactose free, so that does my crappy stomach good!

In the Vitamix I combined:

The result? I liked it. I usually stay away from animal milk, especially if it is not a high quality organic (Lifeway makes organic Kefir too), but to try something new (and free), I'll make an exception.

I didn't see much of a difference from kefir and drinkable yogurt, so I can just get myself a an organic diary free, or grass fed yogurt in the future and make a drink out of that.

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