Preparing For The Green Festival in NYC

Attending the Green Festival this weekend in NYC was a fairly last minute decision. What makes it even more exciting is that The Green Monger is going in as press! This is my first and biggest event for this blog, so I must say that I am nervous. If I would have found out about it earlier, I could have prepared better. I feel like such a scatter brain! I hope that I don't go in there seeming like a complete amatuer. I have done work with NY Comic Con before, so I am not intimidated by crowds, but this seems different. 

Since this was last minute, and I never needed business cards before, I had to fandangle some. This IS a green event, so why not get completely in the DIY, reuse, recycle mode? With some paper I kept from previous print job screw-ups, and some brown paper bag I had lying around, I made up some business cards. 

I have a microphone for interviews, and am currently working on a microphone flag. (A flag is the logo box you see on the medias microphone).

I have online storage ready and The Green Mongers YouTube account is set for videos to be uploaded directly from Green Festival in case I start to run out of room. 

I don't know what else I need aside from a comfortable pair of footwear, and some confidence!

If you are an eco-friendly or eco-curious New Yorker, The Green Festival should be an educational and fun day for you to check out all the latest products and services in green living. I'm looking forward to it big time!

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