Green Festival in NYC This Weekend

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Green Festival, in cooperation with Green America and the Global Exchange, is America's largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. For the past 13 years, Green Festival has committed to helping people and communities in America find solutions for living that are physically, socially, economically and environmentally healthy.

The Green Festival launches its third year in New York City April 26 through the 27th at a new venue, Pier 94 with other dates in four cities around the country in the upcoming months. With Earth Day just passing on the 22nd, let's keep it going every day by soaking up some fresh ideas and inspiration at Green Festival! Tickets are only $10 for an incredible event that will change the way you think about your everyday decisions. In addition, this coupon code for 50% off (at the time of posting) makes it even easier for you to save a little green. Use code NATAWKNY14 at checkout

At Green Festival, there is the widest selection of services and products that fully support a green lifestyle from work to play. Expect to see exhibits of fashion, food, health, construction, and design. Enjoy vegetarian and vegan cooking demos as well as a meatless food court, a sustainable wine and beer garden, educational activities for kids, discussion panels, inspirational speakers, live entertainment and more green fun than you can shake a daisy at...

exhibitor / greenfestivals.org
At this unique marketplace, you will shop at over 300 business that engage in eco-friendly practices from all natural, Fair Trade, renewable resource materials, recycling, and more. Plus, you will find a variety of edibles that support either organic, non-GMO or local. Yumma num num!

Check out the Green Festival Program for all the great happenings and floor plan for this weekend. If this is your first time attending a large festival or convention, check out the tips below to make sure you get the very best out of your experience.

We are trying to save the environment here! Many vendors may be selling reusable grocery totes for purchase. Many may also offer paper bags, with or without a handle. You will be happy to have your own hands-free, shoulder tote while browsing the event as there is a lot to see, do and interact with.

vendor / greenfestivals.org
In the days of technology and smart phones, many vendors will be accepting credit, debit, and in some cases, Paypal! Just in case, it is always a good idea to have some spending money for the vendors who are kickin' it old school.

The carpeted areas only do so much to ease your tootsies. With so much to see at festival and convention types, you will be on your feet walking and standing quite a lot. Make sure that you are wearing your most comfortable footwear with socks. Also, don't forget to bring some water in a refillable bottle. Saving the world tends to work up a thirst!

At the Green Festival, there is no such thing as a trash can. Instead, there are Resource Recovery Stations. Each station is a fully loaded recycling center complete with collection bins for all types of recyclable items, including compostable foods. A trained attendant will be available at every station to assist you in discarding your garbage properly. That being said, there is no reason to abandon open wrappers or random debris anywhere on the event grounds.

Photo by Green Event Project

Green Festival should be great fun for all eco-friendly ages. The festivities start at 11A.M. Saturday morning, and we'll be there reporting and soaking in all of the positive eco-energy. Hope to see you there!

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