33rd Annual Making Brooklyn Bloom Event

Getty Images - Ariel Skelley
Gardens serve, teach, and inspire young and old alike. In honor of 100 years of The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's groundbreaking Children's Garden, BBG celebrates the ways that gardens provide common ground for bringing generations together with their annual Making Brooklyn Bloom event. Now in its 33rd year!

With free workshops, films, information and more, the event is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with other local gardeners. Expect some giveaways and freebie handouts including brochures, catalogs, and more.

The event is this Saturday March 8th from 10am to 4pm. Workshops always fill up quickly, so if you go, make sure you get there before 10am and sign up for the goodies so you're not left out! Workshops include:

New Yorkers Enjoying Making Brooklyn Bloom
  • A Farmer's Yoga
  • Can We Get the Lead Out? Soil Contamination in Urban Gardens
  • Connecting the Plots: Crossing Generations in the Garden
  • Dive into Compost Bins
  • Educating the Senses: Edible Schoolyard NYC
  • Gray and Green: Cultivating Active Retirees
  • Grow Your Salad: The Edible Container
  • Heritage Eating: Foodways 1914–2014
  • Just Get Out There: Tools for Nature Walks and Talks
  • Kitchen Botany
  • Seed Starting with Youth
  • Tree Care for All Ages

Check out the event posting at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's website for all the specifics. See you there!

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