Sustainable Wooden Hula Hoop

getting my LED hoop on.
I LOVE hula hooping. I have a small collection of different kinds of hoops. A quick search of "hoop dancing" on YouTube will have you clicking through many awesome, talented people hooping in all different styles. When I hoop, it is a magically special and invigorating feeling. While I am spinning, I feel at one with the universe.

While hula hoops are great, they clash a bit with my desire to live as eco-friendly and non-toxic as possible. Hula Hoops are made from PVC plastics which are not good for people or the environment during their production and disposal. Plastic is an awesome idea, but it just sucks for the environment. Plastic wastes fossil fuels, and takes takes 450 to 1000 years or more to degrade while leaching chemicals into the air, ground and water in the process.

Much less than 10% of our plastic is recycled. Much of it ends up in the ocean, and the 315 billion pounds of plastic soup patches floating in it are a painful karma for our consumption. With the hot sun beaming on it, the plastic breaks down into smaller pieces and goo that are harmful for the water, the marine life and ultimately, us.

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So, it's safe to say the goal is to use less plastic, give a hoot don't pollute, and find different options for the things we love. How lucky for me then, that at The Return To Roots hoop gathering last year, I spoke to Alexandra of the Vera Moon shop who is in the process of making the eco-conscious hula hooper's dream come true with her unique, handmade wooden hoops. That's right! Wooden hula hoops. This would go nicely into my hoop collection. What would make me feel more in tune with the Earth than dancing with a tree?

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