Better Belly, Gut Healing Juice

I've been feeling all shades of whack since a gluten intolerance has sprung up. The more that I research about gluten and symptoms, the more sense the way I have been feeling makes. 

Gluten seems to be tied in with a bunch of little things, and even cutting it out for the few days that I have so far has me feeling improved. In those that are gluten intolerant, a reaction happens that blocks the absorption of vital nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin-D, Calcium and Zinc. As a vegetarian who doesn't eat dairy, these are very important to me as they are the ones I need to go out of my way to make sure I'm getting. If gluten is blocking them from me, it could be responsible for a mess of gunk I've been going through. Plus some vitamins are responsible for the absorption or process of other vitamins, so your body can get deficient in one if you're deficient in the other. SCIENCE!!!

I'm no doctor, so after I find out what's going on with the one I chose (who specializes in gastrointestinal stuff) now that I have this forced health care, I'm going to go ask some questions, and find out if I am deficient in anything. I'm not about medications, but knowing what's wrong so I can modify my diet right is the goal. In the meantime, I think my self diagnosis is pretty spot on, and I've been making some changes that have me feeling much better physically and emotionally. 

I'm now eating a whole foods, mostly fresh diet, and went to a Mom and Pop's health food store in my neighborhood for some Vitamin B-12, Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplements. I also started being more consistent with the Vitamin C tablets I bought a while ago when I still shopped at Rite Aid. Might as well finish those up and refill with a small, local shop too. I also get great sun in my front room, so I have been taking the time to lay down with my plants *ahem* undressed and soak up some solar power. 

I've been doing my best to avoid foods that cause inflammation so anything that needs to be healed can do so unrestricted. Eating things that ease inflammation and aid in digestion is what I am looking for, and what better way to get those things than in juice! Juice is awesome because it is easy to absorb. This morning I made this tasty little number.

Better Belly Juice
2 organic oranges
2 organic carrots
A chunk of aloe vera.
A spoonful of diatomaceous earth

Oranges, carrots and aloe vera are good for an amazing amount of things, one of those things being good for digestion.  The orange fruits and vegetables in this juice are also good for your sacral chakra (the orange one). You might want to read more about the chakra system and color eating!

As for diatomaceous earth, I have had it around my kitchen for years (neglected) and it may be the greatest thing you've never heard of. Food grade diatomaceous earth is also called fossil flour, but please don't bake with it. Diatomaceous earth is made up of diatoms, which are one celled algae (phytoplankton) that once lived in oceans and lakes that has since fossilized. The deposits are mined from underwater beds or from ancient dried lake bottoms thousands of years old. This stuff never goes bad, although I hope we never run out. 

It is basically a cure for EVERYTHING. One of the thousand reasons I'm taking it is I've read some bloggers had some success subsiding or curing their intolerant issues. The main thing the diatoms do is scrub your intestines and certain organs clean of junk and lets them do the job they were created to do in tip top shape. This leads to lower cholesterol, better skin, stronger hair, better joints and bones, less inflammation, tissue regeneration, is good for detox and diabetes, removing worms and parasites, and so many more that you can click the link below to see. The list is THAT long.

Wish me luck. I had just gotten used to lack of cheese and meat in my diet. Now that bread has been cut out of for the most part, I'm really really hungry.... I need a thick, crusty pizza. 
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