Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How To Survive The Green Festival in NYC

Only three days away from The Green Festival at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City! Green Festival, in cooperation with Green America and the Global Exchange, is America's largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. For over a decade Green Festival has committed to helping people and communities in America find solutions for living that are physically, socially, economically and environmentally healthy.
The Green Festival launches it's 5th year in New York City April 15th, and I can't wait! I will once again be a part of the widest selection of services and products that fully support a green lifestyle from work to play. There will be exhibits of fashion, food, health, construction, and design. I'm looking forward to vegetarian and vegan cooking demos as well as the meatless food court, the Yoga Pavilion, plus there is educational activities for kids, discussion panels, inspirational speakers, live entertainment and more. It isn't a primarily vegetarian event though, there will be organic and sustainably raised meat companies there too.

Javitz Center will be packed with over 300 business that engage in eco-friendly practices from all natural, Fair Trade, renewable resource materials, recycling, and more. Plus, you will find a variety of edibles that support either organic, non-GMO or local.

With so much going on, and so much to see, how does one manage the day?

Know What You're Getting Into
First, download yourself this years NYC Green Festival Guide. There will be physical ones available at the show, but why not also save paper while preparing beforehand? The unused ones at the show are sure to be recycled properly by the festival. It also will help them print less in the future.

http://www.greenfestivals.org/component/html5flippingbook/publication/new-york-2016-event-guide/1.html?fullscreen=1Check out the exhibitors, pavilions and speaker schedules and give yourself more time to make a route. Its easy to get off route and distracted as it is, so I like to write out a physical list for myself to try to stick to. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes
The carpeted areas only do so much to ease your tootsies. With much to see at conventions, you will be on your feet walking and standing quite a lot. There are rest areas at most conventions, but still make sure that you are wearing your most comfortable footwear with socks.

Food and Water
There will be food vendors and a meatless food court at the Green Festival, but if you are worried you will not find anything that suits your diet, make sure to bring a little sandwich. There are water fountains near the bathrooms at the Javtiz Center where you could refill your water bottle. Refillable water bottles are sure to be sold somewhere in the Festival if you are looking to make an eco-friendly upgrade. Don't forget to recycle or give away your old one.

Have Some Cash on You
Many vendors accept credit or debit, but sometimes service isn't strong enough for transactions to be completed via a mobile square, there are equipment malfunctions, etc. For those times, vendors that don't accept cards, or little things you would like to purchase without a big song and dance, have some physical money on ya.

Reusable Shopping Bags
Speaking of making purchases, being that the festival is about sustainability, lower your foot print by bringing your own shopping bags for purchases, giveaways and reading material that you will be picking up through the day. An over the shoulder tote will make you so much more comfortable, and less likely for you to place a bag down and forget about it. 

Dispose of Your Trash
There will be full trash and recycling receptacles all around the Green Festival. No need to be jerky and throw anything on the floor. Your waste is your responsibility.

You should be good to go! Any tips you have for surviving conventions? Leave a comment! See you this weekend at the Green Festival.
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