Super Cool Solar Powered Wheel Removes Trash from Bodies of Water


This is pretty great. Baltimore has installed the world’s first permanent water wheel trash interceptor to clean up the city’s polluted Inner Harbor.

The wheel is not only runs on solar power, and energy from water turbines, but has removed over 350 tons of garbage in the year and a half it has been running so far.  This includes over 80,000 plastic bottles, 90,000 foam containers, 36,000 plastic shopping bags, 66,000 snack bags, and 4 million cigarette butts were removed. For the $750,000 price tag on the machine, that is a good deal.

Here in New York we spend double that or more on art installations and annoying Stadiums that do nothing to benefit the local economy, creates no extra jobs, and upsets the businesses around it. Now if only we could get a few of these water wheels to place in our slimy and disgusting New York water ways, like the East River and The Hudson, it would be amazing. New York City boasts being the greatest (and even greenest) city in the World, yet our focus is so far from having a clean and safe landscape for residents and tourists a like. I don't know about you, but I don't want to visit dirty city, I already live in one!

There is so much technology out there that New York City could be utilizing to clean the air and water. What is even more important, is not getting them dirty in the first place. I'm still waiting for police to stop writing out tickets for jay walking, spitting, and recreational marijuana use, and more tickets for LITTERING. See how fast people stop doing it. Give a hoot, man. Give a hoot.

Check out more about the neato water wheel in Baltimore

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