Plant Based Chickpea of the Sea Mock Tuna Salad

This was so delicious! Finally something plant-based and soy free that isn't so damned boring. Life with a soy allergy really is the pits. If I didn't make it myself, or by someone in the know about soy, I can't trust it. It is in EVERYTHING you put in and on your body in some form or another, but that is a different post completely. 

But today we are talking sammies. Made from scratch, gluten-free "bread" and all. Well... almost made from scratch. The mayo used is the soy-free version of Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart. It's pretty good, and much appreciated. Just Mayo is my favorite soy free mayo, though. These two may be the only soy-free and vegan mayonnaise's on the market, and they both hit the spot when you are missing potato salads, and tuna fish. 

I got the itch in my butt to make this based on the "Chickpea of the Sea" vegan sandwich wrap I had at The Seed in Lancaster, PA on a trip recently. They were very accommodating of allergies, gluten-free and vegan diets.  The sandwich was SO good, and such a good idea, so I had to figure out how to make something of my own based on whatever I had lying around. That's how I roll.

 I feel there are two key elements to making this work the best. The first is smashing up some of the chickpeas a bit, so it's a cross between chunk and chunk light tuna. The second is a secret ingredient that seems to be the secret ingredient in a lot of vegan-ized recipes That ingredient is nutritional yeast, which helps give the filling that chicken-y kinda tuna thing. 

I also noticed that the leftovers that were sitting in the fridge tasted much better. So I would recommend letting it sit in the fridge to really mesh up all the flavors. 

Being that I am single, plant-based, processed food free, and chock full of soy allergies, the only person I cook for is myself. With the way I eat, there is always a lot of experimenting, and definitely no recipes involved. I like to wing it, and just use the taste test method. This tuna salad is no different.

  • Cooked or canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained. Smash some of them up a bit.
  • Thinly sliced raw carrots to add some crunch
  • Chopped scallion (onions are fine too)
  • Chopped bell peppers. Any color but green
  • Chopped tomato 
  • Mayo of your choice. I went soy free of course
  • Some nutritional yeast
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper if that's yo thang
Mix it all up, and you're done, son. I topped my sandwich with sliced granny smith apples, and that really made it good. Add fresh spinach, lettuce pickles, whatevs! I didn't have celery, so I replaced it with carrots to give it that crunch. The bell peppers help with a replacement too. 

I probably could have made a better bread, but I usually never know what I want any given day, and have to use what I have around that needs to be eaten. I don't really like to make a whole loaf and be forced to eat it before it goes bad. If I wasn't only cooking for myself, that would be a different story.

Instead, I just make quick pancake / crepe kind of wraps for my sandwiches and fillings. The one I made today was so simple, because I don't really care. I eat whatever I make because it gets the job done. It's hard to be too picky when you have allergies. 

I totally would love a bread maker though! I use my slow cooker to make bread sometimes, and it actually works pretty good. The shape is always all off though, so it would be pretty awesome to actually have some square-ish bread slices. 


With a simple gluten free flour from Bob's Mill, I added baking powder and water. That's it. 

Sometimes I grind mung beans into powder, mix it with besan, baking powder and water. Don't make the batter too thin or too thick. Cook it like a pancake in a frying pan. I don't bother putting salt because I don't care, and it's in the sandwich filling. But do you! You can season the batter with whatever you want to suit your sandwich. 

Another thing to try is making a batter to put into a jelly roll pan and baking it. I would make the batter slightly thicker. Then it could be sliced into a sheet and cut into square slices. Good if you are making a few sandwiches, or plan on using the bread within a day or two.

Did you make this? How did it come out? What variations did you use?
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