Gluten Free, Soy Free Asian Dumplings and Noodles

I never spend time cooking for just myself. Seems like a whole lot of time wasted just to eat. Eh, I don't need to impress myself with a fancy meal. If it can't get thrown together in less than 10 minutes or be put in a slow cooker, I don't want it.

However, after I saw a recipe for gluten free dumpling skins from Girl With Spoons official website, I had to get busy! I am not gluten intolerant, just a little sensitive to it, so I try to save my gluten for certain meals I must have and can't make good enough gluten free.

Since I haven't spent much time prepping foods lately, this was a pain in the ass, let me tell you. My dumplings kinda sucked. I needed supervision for sure. They kept falling apart during prep. Although  I was very careful not to make them thin, the dough was still very delicate. I also was missing one ingredient, which I probably really needed to either keep the whole thing together better, or at least have a better tasting and textured finished product.

When finished, they were a little too gummy and oily. I'm not a big fried foods fan anymore, really but boiling them alone was no bueno. They probably wouldn't seem as oily to the average person, but a fairly clean eater like me was less impressed. All in all, they were still pretty tasty dipped in the sauce!

The rest of my meal is made from zucchini and carrot with scallions, radish, ginger and cilantro. I have a julienne peeler that I used to make noodles from the zucchini and carrots. A quick stir fry with the rest of the vegetables with some of the soy free sauce I made, and oooh yeah!

If you are a less lazy chef than me, you will have more success with the gluten free dumpling skins. Can also be used for eggrolls! Get the recipe from Girl With Spoon.
As for the soy sauce facsimile, I used THIS recipe from The Honour System. Yeah, it was the first hit on google. Whatever. But it was not bad at all! The recipe is not vegan or vegetarian though. In place of the called for chicken stock, I used salted water with nutritional yeast. It gave it a similar stock flavor, more or less.

A soy  and/or gluten intolerance doesn't mean you have to be asian food-less. That is just no way to live!
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