Warm Up For The GFAF Expo This Weekend With Free Ebooks

Only two days until the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo!

Saturday through Sunday at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus NJ, consumers will be treated to a weekend of dietary exploration by the largest and fastest growing special diet event in the U.S. From discovering new products, to learning how to bake and cook meals that fit your lifestyle, the GFAF Expo will blow gluten and allergen free minds across the tri-state area.

I may not live a gluten free lifestyle, but I do seriously cut back on my gluten consumption after the temporary intolerance I had towards it recently. I just feel better. I am definitely less bloated and tired than I used to be. I am also slightly less irritable than I used to be, and as a fiery Greek/Sicilian living in NYC, that's saying a lot!

I am very excited to discover some easy gluten free things I can make myself at home. I just started making chickpea flour "tortillas" for sandwich wraps. You see, as a vegetarian cutting back on gluten, sandwiches can easily be very boring, sad, and unsatisfying. To discover a new way to jazz things up is like hitting gold. I know that the Expo will put me on to other ways to meet my tasty sandwich desires, which is very important business, don't you know! 

So far, swapping gluten free options for things I like has been easy. Easy that is, except for two things. Bagels, and PIZZA. Pizza is necessity. Life without pizza is no life I want to live. The day the last slice of pizza is served will be a day of mourning that will echo throughout history. I hope that day never comes, but in the meantime, I need to find a vegan, gluten free pizza that is just as awesome as the brick oven, margherita pizza from Rocco's that I dream about at night. If I can't find it at the GFAF Expo, I can't find it anywhere. 

Aside from fantasizing about what type of products and ideas I'm looking to discover, another good way to get in the mood is with some FREE ebooks offered on the GFAF Expos website. Swing in and pick up Red Apple Lipstick's Guide to Living Gluten Free, Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook, and two Gluten and Dairy Free Cookbooks to make new delicious traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Interested in checking out the Expo this weekend? Snag yourself the coupon for 20% off the ticket price, and head on over to their official website for more details on this awesome event opportunity. See you there!

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