An Apple a Day Makes the Doctor Stay

I've seen on the news the last two days how they have found high levels of unsafe arsenic in commercial apple and grape juice. I didn't know there was "safe" arsenic! Brands that exceeded the limit include Apple & Eve, Motts, Walmart's Great Value, Walgreens and Welch's. Some even contained lead!

Tsk. Tsk. We already know that since processed foods were introduced that heart disease, diabetes and many cancers have been on the rise. This is just another reason to go fresh, and go organic if you ask me. Organic samples did not test positive for unsafe amounts of arsenic. Hmm... wonder if it has anything to do with the freaking pesticides.

I'm going to make my own apple juice to play it safe. In ancient times apple seeds were ground up and used to make poison by assassins and such murderous douches. It takes a lot seeds to make a deadly batch, but wow. This is because apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide. While we are protected by the seeds hard shell, chew them up and you'll be exposed to the toxin. Since my juicer grinds up seeds, and sometimes stuff gets into the juice, it may be a good idea to core the apple first. I may be paranoid, and it is said that our bodies can easily detoxify the small amounts of cyanide we consume in seeds, but I say there aren't enough conclusive long term studies on the subject to be sure. Everyone's body is different from the next, and who's to say that any one person wont detoxify efficiently and have the toxin build up and weaken their system over time?? Better safe than sorry.

The farmers market at Union Square in NYC has a 3lb bag of apples for ONE DOLLAR. Ima shove them in my juicer and call it a day.

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